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Rules and Regulations
Sahiwal and Indigenous Cattle Society is a society (SICS) under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860. It has been framed with a view to run the smooth functioning of the Society. The Rules and Regulations should not be changed, altered without the consent of the Governing Body.
Area of Operation:
The Punjab State, India and World over.
Eligibility for Membership:
a) Membership of the Society shall be open to any adult male or female who dedicates themselves to the development of indigenous breeds of cattle.
b) All Governing Body members will be life members. Any person, who subscribe in writing to the objects of the Society and submits an application for membership, may be considered for admission to the membership of the society.
c) The application for membership shall have to be approved by Governing Body which reserves the right to admit or reject without assigning any reason whatsoever. Membership shall be granted after passing a resolution to this effect by 5 members majority of governing body. The membership of any member cannot be withdrawn, changed, cancelled, and dismissed without the resolution passed by 5 members of the Governing Body.
d) Membership of the Society shall not be less than seven.
Details can be downloaded from the Perscroption Form. Treasurer will issue a proper receipt .
Duties of the General Body:
a) To elect the members of the Governing Body.
b) To prepare and amend laws and bye-laws of the society from time to time.
c) To approve the working of the Society.
Annual meetings and Annual General Meeting (AGM):
The annual general meeting of the society shall be held within six months of the close of financial year to transact the business of the society. The quorum of AGM meeting shall be minimum of 10 members.
Composition of Governing Body:

The Governing Body consists of 7 persons of whom one shall be appointed as President, two as Vice President, One as General Secretary, One as Secretary, One as Joint Secretary, one as Cashier. Apart from this, Governing Body shall include any invitee, specialist or guest appointed by the Governing Body from time to time.

Formulation of Coordinators:
The governing body will designate the coordinators in various parts of Punjab as well as in other states for promotion of activities of Sahiwal and Indigenous Cattle.
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