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The Society will aim to conserve and promote the development of Sahiwal and Indigenous Cattle and their progeny under eco-friendly atmosphere.

To develop suitable information technology programme on scientific lines for the development of Sahiwal and Indigenous breeds.
To create awareness in the community through professional management by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and publishing journals, newsletters, books and through presentation of audio-visual aids.
To arrange Sahiwal and Indigenous Cattle shows for the promotion of breeds.
To enhance contribution of Indigenous cattle towards milk and milk products for nutritional security for human beings and their healthcare medicines (Cow urine therapy).
To initiate knowledge giving information on the value of indigenous Cow's milk (A2 protein) and milk products in Primary and Secondary Schools, Kindergarten and Montessori or any other kind of Institutes/organizations/corporate or any other establishment units.
To devise ways and means for the advancement of the youth skill and personalities to rear Sahiwal and Indigenous cows for their milk and milk products, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and establishment of bio gas plants for job opportunities amongst youth.
To select and train local level volunteers and to form a core group for carrying out the development activities of Sahiwal and Indigenous cattle.
To help the poor and needy farmers with the availability of good quality Sahiwal and Indigenous cattle as well as Sahiwal and Indigenous Cattle semen on economical rates.
To help the needy farmers with the availability of high quality semen.
To train Sahiwal and Indigenous cattle breeders for maintaining production and pedigree record keeping.
To initiate information with policy makers to conserve and augment the development of indigenous cattle.
To protect the livelihood of poor livestock keepers authorities are to be convinced to Conserve Common Property Resources at village level/forest level.
To affiliate with or amalgamate with and cooperate & coordinate with other type of institutions/universities/colleges or societies having objects altogether or the part similar to promote development of indigenous cattle. Project could be undertaken for usage of milk & milk products and other byproducts for medicinal purposes, for production of energy/power from methane and such other uses.
To act as catalyst to supplement the efforts of Government of Punjab and central Government in all-round development of Sahiwal and Indigenous cattle rearing their extension work for sustainability. To facilitate the implementation of central sector/centrally sponsored schemes or other schemes as decided by Govt. from time to time in regard with development on Sahiwal and Indigenous cattle breeds.
To establish, maintain, subscribe to or subsidize or become member of training institutions, research institutions for scientific and technical research and experiments.
To suggest suitable model of housing for shelter, feeding management and health care practices and about strengthening of marketing infrastructure.
To promote research and development including biotechnology for optimizing production and productivity from Sahiwal and Indigenous cattle.
The society may perform all such acts as may be considered necessary or conducive to attainment of the aforesaid objectives.
To establish bodies, corporate association, cooperative organizations, advisory boards and other suitable bodies as may be deemed necessary in order to carry out the aforesaid objectives effectively.
To purchase take on lease or otherwise acquire and hold any lands, buildings and structures for Sahiwal and Indigenous cattle development programmes, manufacturing of products and medical health care centre to carry out the objects of the society and to erect its own buildings, structures and enclosures.
To enter into agreement for foreign collaboration, foreign assistance and employ such experts and engineers, managers technicians, scientists and other persons having special knowledge relating to the business of the Society.
To apply for and take out, purchase or otherwise acquire any patents, rights, trademarks, copyrights, designs, licenses, concessions etc., which may seem capable of being used for any of the purposes of the Society.
To enter into any arrangement with the Government of India or any other Govt. or State or local authority or any person for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the Society. The society can get donation/grant and acquire/purchase any moveable or immovable property from the Govt./Semi Govt. or the Well wisher of the Society.
To borrow or to raise money in such a way as the Society might think fit for carrying on the business of the Society to secure funds from the State Govt. and other agencies within and/or from outside the country.
To provide consultancy services for the development of Sahiwal and other indigenous cattle about housing, rearing, feed & fodder management, health care, management practices; storage of milk, transportation as well as processing of Sahiwal & Indigenous cattle by-products.
Income earned or donation received or any amount collected or received by the society will be spent for the welfare of Sahiwal and indigenous cattle promotion, development and utilization.
To suggest State/Central Govt. for the formation of various schemes for the promotion of Sahiwal and indigenous cattle.
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